Luxury beer to sell at A$25 a bottle

Posted by Janice Wong on 4th June 2009

Despite the global economic crisis, Australian Brewer Moorilla is set to release Tasmanian’s most expensive beer, with each 330ml bottle selling for AUD$25. Moo Brew’s new Imperial Stout 2007 Vintage Release is only available through Moorilla’s cellar door, and is expected to sell out next week, despite its steep price.

The company aims to create a luxury beer, in line with the way consumers see wine. And according to recent research in the US, alcohol is relatively recession-resistant, making the company’s release viable.

Owen Johnston, Moo Brew Head Brewer said he hopes the inaugural release makes a lasting impression on the mindscape of the consumer and polarises a few opinions.

“Moo Brew’s synergy with the Moorilla winery has allowed the creation of another challenging experience for beer lovers”, Mr Johnston said.

The company remains confident that their products will still appeal to a niche market for gourmet food and drink despite the financial times.

“This is the first of a series of annual releases. The 2008 Vintage Release is already in barrel, for release next year,” Mr Johnston said.

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