Coles switches focus to seniors

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 21st July 2009

Coles has continued with their aggressive discounting plan, offering a 10 per cent rollback to seniors this week.

The supermarket chain last week instigated a brief petrol price battle with a 40 cents per litre discount for those who spent more than $300 on groceries, with Woolworths immediately following suit.

Woolworths will not match the deal, due to end tomorrow, on this occasion.

Coles spokesman Jim Cooper said the move was made as many Pensioners missed out last week because their shopping needs ensured they could not capitalise on the deal.

Spokeswoman for Woolworths, Clare Buchanan, told the Herald Sun the discount was “a very expensive stunt for a business that is clearly struggling”.

The move by Coles means they have covered most broad demographics in their campaigns this year. Last week’s deal was targeted at families based on the high spend needed to make use of the offer and followed their Feed Your Family for Under $10 campaign. They have also focussed on the female customer with the “You Shouldn’t be Taxed for Being a Woman” promotion and, of course, the seniors market today.