Record entries in Fine Food New Product Awards

Posted by Editorial on 28th August 2009

Entries for the Fine Food Best New Product Awards have exceeded expectations for this year‘s event in Sydney, according to Exhibition Manager, Minnie Constan. The number of new products entered into the awards this year is just over 300 – comfortably above last year’s tally of 174.

“New products, ideas and innovations are widely recognised as the key to success in the food business so it’s exciting that, even in this year of global financial uncertainty, there are so many exhibitors launching new products to the market at Fine Food,” Ms Constan said.

The Exhibition pointed to a number of award entrants that could be of interest to retailers, cafés and convenience stores including:
• Jute bags – an ecofriendly alternative to plastic and non woven PP bags
• Australia’s first Fairtrade certified chocolate muffin (Bakers Maison)
• Choc-o- Lait Quality Chocolate on a stick for making hot drinking chocolate (Apromo trading)
• Burek equivalent of pizza, burger and pie hand folded pastry topped with filling (Burek)
• Eskal freenut butter made from sunflower seeds. (Eskal /Trialia).
• Cabanossi made from Skinless chicken in a cabana like stick (Marios)
• Popcake – the world’s first automated pancake making machine (Popcake)
• World first Gluten Free Wafer Biscuit, available in 5 flavours (Crispic)
• Cheesecake pop – Cream style cheese cake, balled and dipped in Belgian Chocolate then dipped again in crushed almond. (Pantry & Larder)
• Surprise 5- Aussie concept each bottle of fruit drink contains collectable toy ( Steel Beverage Co)
• Fudgelicious a delicious tasting gluten free triple chocolate cookie (Charlie’s Cookies)
• Wine and Champagne savers preserve original quality for 2 weeks (Geneva Roth investments)
• Temp Minder – a 24/7 wireless temperature monitoring system
• Young Coconut Opener – a device enabling easy access and drinking of fresh coconut milk (K Fresh)
• Taste Mate – A mortar and pestle all in one Australian Invention
• New Juices – Pomegranate and Pomegranate & Grape (Nudie) GC raw mix of fruit and vegetable (Golden Circle),OKF sparkling no artificial flavours or colours low in calories(OKF), Multi award winning Organic Aloe Vera King (OKF), 5 + 2 fruit and Vegetable in 4 flavours, and Aqua Pura Hint pure water with a hint of lemon or mint flavour the only zero calorie flavoured water in Australia (Bickfords)

“Retailers, hospitality and foodservice professionals are sure to discover something that will give their business a boost and help turn their passion into profit,” Ms Constan concluded.

The awards to be presented next month include:
– Best New Australian Retail Product
– Best New Retail Equipment
– Best New Food Product For Foodservice
– Best New Hospitality Equipment
– Best New Bakery Product