Coca-Cola retains spot as world’s leading brand

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 18th September 2009

Coca-Cola remains the No. 1 brand for the ninth year in a row, according to BusinessWeek and Interbrand’s annual ranking of the “Best Global Brands”.

Coca-Cola has been positioned at the top for the entire nine years the research has been carried out.

A number of other food and beverage brands were seen to prosper during a year in which many brands lost value. Heinz, Wrigley, Kellogg’s, Nestlé and Danone were among the big risers as consumers faith in food and beverage brands remained strong. However, McDonald’s was the only brand from the food and beverage sector aside from Coca-Cola to make the top ten.

For the first time, the overall value of the top 100 brands declined (by 4.6%), largely due to the impacts of the financial crisis on brands like Merrill Lynch and AIG.

“Not surprisingly, big banks and auto brands fared the worst, while food brands benefited as consumers began eating more at home,” the researchers noted.

“The recession has presented brand stewards with the most severe test of their careers,” they added. “Companies have had to adjust rapidly as consumers reexamine their purchases and rethink brand loyalties. Marketing executives are balancing the temptation to chase short-term gains with discounts and promotions against the risk of cheapening their brands over the long haul.”

“Meanwhile, most have considerably smaller budgets with which to reach their customers.”

Food and beverage brands in top 100:

1. Coca-Cola (+3%)

6. McDonald’s (+4%)

23. Pepsi (+3%)

25. Nescafé (+2%)

30. Budweiser (+3%)

34. Kellogg’s (+7%)

48. Heinz (+9%)

51. Wrigley (+10%)

58. Nestlé (+13%)

60. Danone (+10%)

61. KFC (+3%)

79. Pizza Hut (-5%)

82. Moet & Chandon (-5%)

84. Smirnoff (+3%)

90. Starbucks (-16%)

93. Burger King (new entry)

100. Campbell’s (new entry)