Consumers warming to Woolworths’ fresh produce

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 19th October 2009

Woolworths was the only major supermarket in Australia to see their customer satisfaction levels rise in the six-months to August, according to the latest Roy Morgan Supermarket Satisfaction Report.

Among Aldi customers, 88.9% were satisfied with the supermarket, followed by IGA (87.4%), Woolworths (86.6%) and Coles (85.6%) for the six month averages to August 09. The improved result for Woolworths was largely due to improved satisfaction with their fresh offering.

The figures represented an unchanged reading for Coles and marginal decline for IGA. Aldi’s fall was more pronounced, however, leading to their lowest level of satisfaction since 2004 – despite remaining at the top of the pack.

“The recent positive increases, and 2 year high for Woolworths’ overall satisfaction in August, gave them a clear lead over Coles, and now it’s the closest Woolworths have been to Aldi, as the leader in supermarket satisfaction in over 4 years,” Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director at Roy Morgan Research, noted.

“Part of the reason for the increase in the overall Woolworth’s satisfaction is their performance in the meat, bread, fresh fruit and veg departments. Woolworths now leads the other three major supermarkets in satisfaction with the meat department.”

Woolworths and Coles have both highlighted their fresh departments as areas where considerable improvement can be made given that their share of the fresh food sector lags well behind their share of packaged goods sales. And, on the basis of strong sales results and improved customer satisfaction levels, they appear to be making inroads.