Parents group announces Fame and Shame Award winners

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 17th November 2009

Children’s health advocacy group The Parents Jury today announced the winners of four ‘Shame’ awards for “unhealthy food and drink marketing to children”, and one Parents’ Choice ‘Fame’ award for a campaign that promotes healthy lifestyles to children. Fast-food chain McDonald’s faced the greatest criticism, taking out three of the four shame awards while Sanitarium and Batlow Apples were lauded for their healthy approach.

The Parent Jury, an online forum of over 4,200 parents, gave the Techno Hack, Bad Sport and Pester Power awards to McDonald’s after a vote from parents. While Kellogg’s NutriGrain advertisements were alleged to be the most unbalanced of the year, thus receiving the ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ category.

On a positive note, the Socceroos, Batlow Apples and food company Sanitarium were honoured with the Parents’ Choice award for promoting healthy eating to children in 2009 in Sanitarium’s “I’m a Weet Bix kid” TV advertisements and Batlow Apples’ ‘Live Active! Live Healthy! Live Socceroos!’ meet and greet competition. It is the second time that the Socceroos and Weet Bix have jointly won the award.

“Parents will always champion those celebrities and athletes who use their profiles to promote healthy lifestyles to children without chasing the corporate dollar. It’s just disappointing that we don’t see this more often,” said Jacqi Deighan, a founding member of The Parents Jury.