Weight loss expert supports Dairy in Diets

Posted by Josette Dunn on 12th February 2010

Dairy has not always been considered favorably when it came to its use in weight reducing diets. However this assumption has now been proven to be incorrect.  Evidence is growing in support of increased dairy product consumption to assist weight loss.

A recent study conducted at Curtin University of Technology is strongly supportive of increasing dairy intake.  Dr Wendy Chan She Ping Delfos, from Curtin’s School of Public Health, compared three serves of dairy with five serves of dairy within a reduced calorie diet prescribed to overweight participants over a 12-week weight loss trial.

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The study found that participants who consumed five serves of dairy as opposed to three serves of dairy had:

* higher mean levels of weight loss;
* higher mean levels of fat mass loss;
* greater drop of systolic blood pressure; and
* greater total percentage abdominal fat loss.

“This study has shown that when trying to lose weight people can actually benefit by increasing the amount of dairy they consume beyond the normally recommended three daily serves, as long as during the weight loss period total energy intake is less than their requirements” Dr Chan She Ping Delfos said.

Dr. Leon Massage, noted Australian doctor who specialises in weight loss agrees.

“This research from Curtin University of Technology showing that a higher intake of dairy products, in the presence of a reduced calorie diet, can help fight obesity is very useful information” said Dr Massage.  He believes this information should be publicised in Australia, as many people are mistakenly avoiding dairy in order to lose weight.

Dr Massage went on to say that the Curtin University study is not the first to produce results in favour of dairy consumption for weight loss purposes. “It basically confirms and reinforces research findings from the UK, performed several years ago, that showed that increasing dairy intake in the diet increased the percentage of body fat lost. This previous research went as far as to suggest that even simply increasing the intake of calcium in one’s diet would increase fat loss.

“It helps to show that dairy is a very useful macronutrient in the fight against obesity.”

Neither the Curtin University study nor the previous study in the UK seem to differentiate between consumption of high-fat or fat-reduced dairy products, however Dr Massage says “I am a little more specific in the dairy recommendations that I make. My preference is more for the use of low-fat dairy.

“In my BMI Weight Loss Program, I have broken down proteins according to their ability to assist in weight loss.  The use of dairy is highly recommended in this list and this research confirms this.”

The dairy products consumed by the participants in the Curtin University study consisted of cheese, yoghurt and low fat milk.

This is good news for those in the dairy industry, with demand for dairy products likely to increase as consumers are made aware of these findings.