Lenard’s poultry to expand

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 18th February 2010

Poultry franchise Lenard’s has set its sights on adding 30 new stores by the end of 2010, making a total of 221 outlets across Australia.

Founder and director Lenard Poulter has announced he will take a more hands-on role in the company’s franchise recruitment team, in order to select the right franchise owners to operate the new outlets.

In addition to growing the business, Poulter believes that existing franchise owners will also benefit from the increased profile the new stores will give the brand. In a recent survey, Lenard’s achieved 98% brand awareness in postcode areas that contain a Lenard’s store and Poulter is adamant this success stems from 22 years of a successful retail and franchise model, as well as a strong brand that stands out from the pack.

“We’re serving a growing staple market. Sales are up across the majority of our franchise owners this financial year, as Australian families see the financial and health value in having more chicken on their weekly dinner menus.”