Government flushes out dodgy Detox Diets

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 5th March 2010

The company that sells the popular ‘Lemon Detox’ product, which is widely advertised as a slimming food, has been issued with two penalty notices by the NSW Food Authority for making unsubstantiated nutritional claims, Minister for Primary Industries Steve Whan announced last week.”Pure Natural Health Pty Ltd has been fined $660 for making nutritional claims that were not quantified in the nutrition information panel and a further $660 for providing advice that was of a medical nature in their advertising and information,” Minister Whan said.

“The NSW Government is working to ensure that food sold in NSW meets the required labelling standards and any claims made are not potentially misleading or illegal under NSW Food Law.”

Minister Whan said four food businesses claiming to have slimming or detox properties have recently been investigated by the NSW Food Authority.

“Trying to lose weight is a serious issue for many people and there is absolutely no room for companies or individuals who try and take advantage of this situation,” Mr Whan said.

“The NSW Food Authority investigated four food businesses marketing food as a “slimming food” or detox diet, following a number of consumer complaints.

“Some are providing medical advice or health claims which cannot be backed-up in their nutrition information panel.”

All four companies are working with the NSW Food Authority to change their labelling and advertising so it complies with the standards.

“The NSW Food Authority will continue to monitor food products, including the ‘Lemon Detox’ product,” Minister Whan said.

“We monitor for compliance so we can protect consumers and the legitimate weight loss industry.

“If found guilty of deliberately mislabelling a product, a company could face fines of up to $275,000.

“Generally products such as diet shakes fall under the formulated meal replacement standard of the Food Standards Code, however the products investigated by the Food Authority are regulated as a general food.”

Further information about food labelling can be found at the NSW Food Authority website