Abla’s Lebanese Kitchen – Cookbook

Posted by Josette Dunn on 30th March 2010

The Premier John Brumby on Friday launched Abla’s Lebanese Kitchen, a cookbook by renowned Lebanese chef Abla Amad.

At a special ceremony at Abla’s Restaurant in Carlton, Mr Brumby said the book was a valuable resource for the community and a great way for other cultures to learn more about Lebanon and its people.


“Victorians are a multicultural and diverse people. We come from over 200 countries, speak more than 230 languages and dialects and follow more than 120 different faiths,” Mr Brumby said.

“Here in Victoria, we have a large and proud Lebanese community and the launch of this book provides us with an excellent opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the wonderful contribution that the Lebanese community has made to all aspects of our society.”

Abla Amad was born in Lebanon and arrived in Australia in 1954 at the age of nineteen. In 1979 at the urging of friends and family she opened Abla’s, a restaurant that has become a Melbourne institution. Ever since it opened, diners have returned time and again to experience her special brand of traditional, homemade Lebanese food. For Abla it is a cuisine that can only be made from the heart – that’s why she is widely regarded as ‘the queen of Lebanese cooking’.

“Abla’s Restaurant has been a favourite of Melburnians for the past 30 years and I congratulate Abla for recording the recipes of Lebanon and sharing them with us all.” continued Mr Brumby.

“Food is a great way to learn about other cultures and I am sure this book will open up new culinary experiences for many people.”

In The Lebanese Kitchen Abla shares her recipes, demonstrates her unique brand of hospitality, and emphasises the use of local Australian produce to create centuries old traditional Lebanese recipes. This delightful book is spiced with the warmth of family and companionship. Each dish holds a tale, of growing up in Lebanon, or of Abla’s experiences keeping the Lebanese tradition alive in Australia.