Streets debuts limited edition Gold Magnum?!

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 8th April 2010

Streets debuts limited edition Gold Magnum?!Magnum Gold

Streets is set to release its latest addition to the Magnum icecream line, the limited edition Magnum Gold?!, a vanilla icecream with honeycomb sauce and a gold chocolate coating.

The icecream, available in late April, will be accompanied by one of Magnum’s largest ever marketing efforts, a television campaign featuring actor Benicio Del Toro in an advertisment directed by X-Men and The Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer.

The television campaign, supported by cinema and promotions, also features an interactive website where viewers can put their own face into the advertisment.

The campaign will run worldwide across Unilever’s Heart Brand icecreams.

A single Magnum Gold?! retails at $3.40, and a pack of 4 at $7.79.