Woolworths expands online price check website

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 8th April 2010

Woolworths has added 2000 new products to its online price check website, bringing the total to over 7000 of the company’s around 30000 products.  Consumers will now be able to check the price of fresh meat at their local Woolworths.

The website launched in February with around 5000 products, six months after the scrapping of the Federal Government’s price comparison website, Grocery Choice.  Consumer Affairs Minister Craig Emerson indicated at the time that major grocery retailers, including Woolworths, had indicated that they would not be providing information to the project.

At the time of launch, the website was criticised for its complex terms and conditions, requiring users to agree that content will not be “adapted, reproduced, stored, distributed, printed, displayed, performed or published and no derivative works can be produced.”

Woolworths Director of Supermarkets Greg Foran was positive about the expansion.

“Our statistics show that an average of 1200 customers a day are checking prices online. We also received feedback from customers telling us meat is a really important shopping trolley staple and needed to be included on the site, which we were happy to action.”

“This second wave of product inclusions means consumers have even more information at their fingertips, helping them to shop smarter. We will continue to work hard on further upgrades to make this site as useful as possible for our customers.”