Alcoholic cider to become apple of the Aussie drinker’s eye

Posted by Josette Dunn on 19th April 2010

While alcoholic cider may only make up a diminutive 1.1 percent value share of national offpremise liquor sales, a report released by The Nielsen Company this week has
revealed that the category’s rapid sales growth is set to create some big waves in the Australian liquor industry.


Noise surrounding alcoholic cider has amplified over the past 18 months, generating phenomenal growth and a significant increase in value sales within the off premise market.

Cider was the fastest growing liquor category in 2009 and in the latest quarter to December 2009, values sales jumped by 37.2 percent – over five times faster than that of total liquor – up by seven percent annually.

Cider also contributed 7.1 percent of total liquor’s incremental growth dollars in the latest quarter.

The Nielsen report revealed that an incremental injection of $4million in abovetheline
advertising spend in the year to November 2009 compared to 2008; combined with the introduction of 20 new brands in the past two years, has undoubtedly assisted in driving awareness and interest to this emerging category, which has ultimately led to its exceptional growth.

Nielsen’s Executive Director for Liquor, Michael Walton commented that the recent attention this up and coming segment has received along with its continued growth potential, is an exciting opportunity for Australian suppliers, retailers and consumers.

“Cider is a seasonal beverage that aligns itself perfectly with Australia’s warm climate. Considering that cider accounts for 12.2 percent value share the liquor market in Great Britain, there is clearly a significant gap in the Australian liquor trade, that could prove to be very lucrative and rewarding for those who embrace this opportunity well,” said Walton.

The Nielsen report goes on to disclose the potential categories that cider could target in order to align drinking occasions and ultimately steal dollar share – topping this list were light spirits, RTDs and beer.