Premier launches heart-healthy Hovis

Posted by Josette Dunn on 19th April 2010

Premier Foods plc, the UK’s largest food maker, have launched Hovis Hearty Oats, a bread line developed to maintain cholesterol levels.The company is aiming to increase the amount of bread eaten at breakfast in the UK, where consumers see eating cereal as a healthier option.


Hovis Hearty Oats, which gained its first significant listing at Asda this week, contains beta-glucan, an ingredient that, if consumed regularly can help to “maintain normal cholesterol levels”, Premier said.

Hovis marketing director Jon Goldstone said the company had stuck to that phrase to meet current EU regulations on the health claims manufacturers can use on product. However, he emphasised the health credentials of the new line.

“We are extremely proud of Hovis Hearty Oats. Not only is it the first bread to be baked with 50% oats and 50% wheatflour, helping maintain normal cholesterol, but it also uniquely approved by Heart UK.”

Michael Livingstone, director at heart-health campaigners Heart UK, said all stakeholders needed to work together to make consumers more aware of the dangers of high cholesterol.

“There are people that inherit high cholesterol. There are five million people in Europe who are walking around completely oblivious, with their arteries furring up,” Livingstone said. “Sixty-five per cent of the [UK] population have cholesterol levels above where they should be. Working together, I really do think that we’ll get this message out.”

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