SABMiller talks to women about alcohol

Posted by Josette Dunn on 23rd April 2010

Does alcohol make you fat? Does it ruin your skin? Will rinsing your hair in beer make it shinier? There are many myths and questions concerning the impact of drinking on women’s health.As part of its ‘Open the Facts’ campaign, SABMiller is encouraging women to make informed choices about drinking. SABMiller’s award winning website,, talks frankly about women and alcohol, and provides information on serious topics such as alcohol and cancer, to handy advice for a safe night out. also dispels myths related to alcohol, beauty and diet, and helps mothers decide how to discuss alcohol with their children.

Kristin Wolfe, Head of Alcohol Policy said, “Whilst the majority of the risks and benefits of alcohol consumption relate to women and men alike, women’s bodies react to alcohol differently than men’s. It is important that women have access to information on alcohol that addresses their needs.”

“Our ‘Open the Facts’ campaign, hosted on, responds to what women want by providing straight-talking information on how alcohol affects their bodies. The new section on alcohol and women is complemented by an interview with Dr Neugut, Professor of Columbia University who talks about links between alcohol and cancer, including breast cancer.”