Cockroaches and sulfur dioxide: a bad week for NSW food outlets

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 27th April 2010

The New South Wales Food Authority has reported NSW food outlets for a number of violations, including two outlets who served cockroaches in food, and one butcher who adulterated meat with sulfur dioxide.

Delicious Noodle Taree was fined $2420 for selling food with cockroaches, as well as having live and dead cockroaches on the premises and failing to take pest control measures.

The Bankstown Bakehouse was fined $550 for selling a loaf of bread with a cockroach baked into one slice.

Yagoona Halal Meats was fined $4800 (plus $2000 in costs) by the Chief Industrial Magistrates Court after being found guilty of a wide variety of food safety violations, including adulterating minced meat with sulfur dioxide, keeping raw meat in a shopping trolley, using rusty equipment, failing to properly clean the premises and having raw meat in contact with open salami.

Sulfur dioxide is an illegal preservative which makes meat appear redder and fresher, disguising old browning meat or inferior product.

Primary Industries Minister, Steve Whan, welcomed the result and said the court’s decision was a stern reminder to those who flout food safety laws.

“Poor food safety standards will not be tolerated; this Government takes the health and safety of the consumers of NSW very seriously,” Minister Whan said.

“If you do the wrong thing you are going to cop the consequence.”

Minister Whan also commended Councils on their commitment to ensuring food sold in their areas was as safe as possible.

“Councils work in close and effective partnership with the NSW Food Authority to ensure we can all enjoy the food our state is famous for safely.”

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