The future of dining: will ghost kitchens be the norm?

Posted by Media Release Agency on 20th November 2020

Ghost kitchens and virtual restaurants are changing the way restaurants operate and customers dine. The future of food-service is off premise through take-out, delivery and order ahead.

Meal delivery services doubled usage between mid-2018 and February 2020, and the COVID pandemic has only further accelerated the trend. A growing number of Aussies prefer to eat in the comfort of their own homes without having to wait in line for a table or for their food to arrive, and this is fostering a fresh take on what customer experience will look like at eateries of the future.

Off-premise sales are clearly trending upwards, but lofty service fees and the fear of increased operational complexity is still a concern for many operators looking to move into that market. 

Those pain-points have birthed an entirely new method of off-premise food service: Ghost kitchens.

The concept is where a kitchen space is rented for restaurateurs to launch a virtual restaurant brand without a brick and mortar location, helping restaurants expand their delivery service and reach more customers at a minimal cost, changing the way restaurants operate and customers dine.