FSANZ tenders out food analysis

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 27th April 2010

Food Standards Australia New Zealand has called for tenders for two major programs this month.

The government standards organisation is calling for an outside contractor to assist with filling the gaps in its knowledge of the nutritional content of the foods we eat.

FSANZ is also asking for an outside contractor to analyse breads, to check on the success of last year’s changes to the mandatory fortification, specifically the addition of folic acid and switch to iodised salt.

The National Health Survey food analysis program will send analysts out to test fourteen different food groups from five capital cities for a variety of different nutritional qualities.  The data will then support a series of federal government National Health Surveys.

“Foods have been selected for inclusion in this program because there are no analytical data currently available, or else data are limited or outdated,” reads the FSANZ tender.

“Some foods were noted as being commonly consumed in a 2007 national survey of children’s nutrition and physical activity (Kids Eat Kids Play) and, as such, are also likely to be consumed in the National Health Survey in considerable amounts.”

“In addition, for several foods, up to date data on vitamin D is required to support FSANZ risk assessments.”

In particular, FSANZ has asked for specific data on the folate and folic acid content of Vegemite, the vitamin C and sugar content of orange-mango and apple-blackcurrant juices, trace element scans on cheese and dairy, and iodine in cheese.  Iodine, selenium, carotene, ‘trace elements’ and ash will be checked across the samples.