Monsanto receives green light for trans-fat-free soy oil

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 25th May 2010

Monsanto has received a status of Generally Recognised As Safe for its new line of low-linolenic-acid Vistive Gold soybeans, giving a green light to food manufacturers and fast food companies for testing of the product.

Linolenic acid shortens shelf life and stability of soy oil, requiring partial hydrogenation – the process which produces trans fats – to reduce the acid. Monsanto’s Vistive soybeans, bred with minimal linolenic acid, won’t require this processing.

Existing Monsanto Vistive soy oils have been adopted by large food companies, including KFC and Kellogs, to reduce the amount of trans fats in their products. The new Vistive Gold, previously known as Vistive III, adds stability at high temperatures and significantly extended fry life.

Originial Vistive oils were created with selective breeding of existing soy traits, and then were genetically modified to include the Roundup Ready trait. The new bean will include the Vistive Gold trait as well.