ABS: Alcopops take a fall, spirits up

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 28th May 2010

AlcopopsAccording to new figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the apparent consumption of ready-to-drink pre-mixed alcoholic beverages fell by 30% in 2008-09, reversing an upward trend for the last four years, based on the quantity of alcohol produced and sold.

Apparent consumption dropped from 18.7 million litres in 2007-08 – 1.08 litres per person – to 13.1 million litres, or 0.74 litres per person.

By contrast, spirits showed a rise in apparent consumption, from 20.2 million litres (1.17 litres per person) to 22.9 million litres (1.29 litres per person).

Beer and wine also showed increases, by 1.17 and 2.2% respectively.

Overall, there was very little change in the total amount of pure alcohol consumed – 10.1 litres per Australian over 15 years old, in various forms – nearly half (4.5 litres) as beer and a third (3.6 litres) in wine.

More white table wines (30.2 million litres) are available for consumption than red table wines (22.8 million litres). Apparent total consumption of alcohol in full-strength beer was 65.3 million litres, compared with 9.9 for medium-strength beers, and 4.3 million litres for low-strength beers.