Aldi brand to go food-colouring free

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 13th July 2010

Aldi Australia has reformulated its private label range to exclude artificial food colours.

The move follows studies that demonstrated increased levels of hyperactivity in young children consuming some food products.

A study from Southampton University in the UK study found higher levels of hyperactivity in young children consuming: Tartrazine (102), Quinoline Yellow (104), Sunset Yellow (110), Carmoisine (122), Ponceau (124) and Allura Red (129).

Aldi has removed these artificial food colours as well as: Amaranth Purple (123), Erythrosine cherry red (127), Green (142), Black (151), Brown (155), Indigo Blue (132), Brilliant Blue (133) and Green (143).

“The artificial food colours were either replaced with natural substitutes or nothing at all, and the reformulated products are of the same high quality and taste our customers have become accustomed to,” said Tom Daunt, Aldi’s managing director of corporate buying.

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