Calls for clear seafood country of origin labelling

Posted by Josette Dunn on 4th August 2010

Australian prawn and barramundi farmers are this morning (Wednesday) calling on all political parties to support better country-of-origin labelling for the seafood industry.At their industry conference on the Gold Coast, farmers and industry have vowed to unite and pass a motion of support demanding that all sides of politics support a system of clear labelling for cooked seafood.

Australian Prawn Farmers’ Association president Nick Moore said while there were current requirements for labelling in supermarkets, the system was let down by the glaring omission of labelling at restaurants and fish and chip shops.

“It’s time our politicians sorted this out,” he said.

“With the Federal Election just a few weeks away, now is the time for politicians to deliver improved country-of-origin labelling for cooked seafood.”

“Consumers want and deserve to know where their seafood is coming from.”Australian Barramundi Farmers’ President Ken Chapman said the current lax labelling requirements meant that foreign and inferior product was often masquerading itself as Australian by default.

“It means foreign product is riding on the coat-tails of the very high quality seafood produced in Australia,” Dr Chapman said. “Our seafood is a national icon, and Australian consumers and farmers deserve to have it protected.

“If seafood is produced overseas, let’s have clear and prominent labelling in restaurants and fishos saying that’s the case.

“If it’s Australian, let’s proudly say that it is Australian.”

“We need government support for that.”