Industry unveils streamlined product information form

Posted by Josette Dunn on 4th August 2010

A new and simplified Product Information Form (PIF) offering a wider variety of information about food ingredients, their composition and the presence of allergens was launched by the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) today.

The updated PIF Version 3.0 is a major improvement on earlier versions of the form – first launched in 2008 – as it includes added functionality and user features that make it easier for food suppliers and food manufacturers to complete the form.

The PIF provides a single, industry-agreed questionnaire used by leading food and grocery companies to provide information and meet the obligations for labelling and product identification, as specified by the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code and other relevant regulatory requirements for biosecurity and consumer protection.

AFGC Chief Executive Kate Carnell said having a standardised form instead of hundreds of individual company forms was a major benefit for industry.

“The PIF provides Australian food manufacturing businesses with considerable savings in time and resources to provide the same information to all their customers, and reduces the risks of typographical and clerical errors in completing the form. Since the PIF was first introduced, there has been wide acceptance of the use of the form across the entire industry,” Ms Carnell said.

“Reducing duplication and regulation is a major benefit for industry which ultimately helps to provide safe, nutritious and affordable products for consumers.”

The new PIF Version 3.0 was released as an Excel file compatible with Microsoft Office 2003 and later versions.

The form is designed to be completed electronically and incorporates features that will highlight certain questions and turn off or on other questions depending on the responses. It is also designed to be used for both raw ingredients and components as well as finished goods and incorporates assisted functionality in completing nutritional information.

The new PIF Version 3.0 can be downloaded free from AFGC’s website: