Synutra slams “irresponsible” claims over unsafe formula

Posted by Josette Dunn on 11th August 2010

Chinese infant formula maker Synutra International has hit back at “irresponsible” reports that allege a link between hormone levels in its milk powder to premature development and sexual precocity.

Milk splash

The company on Monday (9 August) released a statement in response to the media reports in China that linked the group’s formula to premature breast development in girls.

Liang Zhang, chairman and CEO of Synutra, said that “certain parties” in the media had attempted to “create a crisis” and that the reports were “based on speculation instead of scientific evidence”.

“Certain members of the media promulgated these claims despite the fact that many different external factors have been linked to premature development in children, and, additionally, China’s CDC and several leading scientists already stated publicly that there was no evidence linking our products to such symptoms,” Zhang said.

“We are completely confident that our products are safe and our quality levels are industry-leading. We do not add hormones to our products and we have invested heavily in research, quality control, formulations and ingredients. We have participated in exhaustive quality testing at all required government levels, including with the relevant state agencies and industry groups. Additionally, our upstream ingredient suppliers are also reliable and trusted around the world,” he added.

Synutra said it is currently in the process of taking legal action to protect its brand, and will “prosecute the parties responsible for these accusations to the furthest extent possible”.

The company’s shares, which are listed on the Nasdaq, plunged in the wake of the reports.

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