Mr Whippy ice-cream vans return to our streets

Posted by Josette Dunn on 20th August 2010

Those well known pink and white Mr Whippy ice-cream vans will soon be touring Australian neighbourhoods with their delicious ice-creams and range of beverages.

Mr Whippy, now owned by Franchised Food Company (FFCo), is looking for a suitable partner to operate the vans under licence and capitalise on their brand recognition and appeal.

Howard Bellin, franchising specialist and consultant to FFCo, said that this decision was a terrific opportunity for someone to obtain the licence from FFCo for their Mr Whippy mobile vending operation.

“We realise the brand recognition that the Mr Whippy vans still have and believe that now is the time for them to be reintroduced.

“The ice-cream market has been steadily growing and there is an increasing demand for mobile vending.

“This opportunity has the backing of FFCo and its Cold Rock ice-cream stores. Product supply is already taken care of and little capital will be required.”

Mr Whippy came to Australia from the UK in 1962. It began as a retailer of ice cream products sold from its fleet of vans in the suburban areas of Sydney.

In 1966, Mr Whippy Holdings was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. During the early 1970s, the company, preferring to retail through outlets in suburban shopping centres, began selling off its fleet of vans and by mid 1980 was operating ice cream parlours.

Franchised Food Company managing director Stan Gordon purchased Mr Whippy in 2000.