The top 5 trends for convenience stores expanding in 2017

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 6th February 2017

Could we find this type of food at your convenience store?

Just like the supermarket and grocery game, the convenience industry is a tough one to crack.

But what can convenience owners do in 2017 to set their store apart?

Australian Food News team experts has come up with five ideas to consider:


  1. Get your beverages sorted – Convenience chain 7-Eleven has had great success bringing customers through its doors with its $1 coffees. It is now expanding this reach into ice coffee which of course works perfectly in the summer. The other week, Oak milk’s Facebook page was also flooded with posts after Sydney-Siders started to hear they they were installing Frozen Oak machines in petrol stations. Everyone gets thirsty when out and about, so getting in cheap, popular beverages is going to help bring traffic through your doors.
  2. Actually be convenient – Offer meal kits or ready-to-eat dinner options for customers to easily pick up on their way home from work for dinner. Do not just think about creating options for singles, but meals for the whole family.
  3. Fresh offerings – With many Australian’s more health conscious, sell more than just packaged foods. Why not trial selling some fresh fruit and vegetables customers can easily pick up on their way home rather than having to go to a supermarket.
  4. Healthy offerings – Similar to testing out fresh foods, make sure your store has plenty of healthy food options, whether they are perishable or not. Make sure there are healthy lunch, dinner, snack and beverage choices.
  5. Added services – Give consumers more reason to enter your store. Could your store offer an easy way for consumers to pick up mail and parcels 24/7? A convenient way to pay a bill? Think beyond what typical added services are offered through convenience stores and start thinking about what modern consumers might want in 2017 to make their lives easier.