Steggles takes its ‘No Added Hormones’ message to national TV

Posted by Josette Dunn on 6th September 2010

Iconic Australian poultry brand Steggles launched a new TV commercial on Sunday, marking the next chapter in Steggles’ campaign to dispel the myths around hormones and steroids being added to chickens.

The TV commercial was prompted by research recently conducted by Steggles which revealed that more than 75% of Australians mistakenly believe chicken produced locally in Australia contains added hormones and steroids.

This false belief is despite the fact that nearly half a century ago the Australian Government made it illegal to add hormones or steroids to chicken. All the major poultry farmers in the Australian chicken industry have complied with this legislation since its inception.

The 30 and 15 second TV commercials, created by M&C Saatchi, will run nationally over the next four weeks. The commercial uses real Steggles staff, who have had years of experience in poultry farming, to convey this message to the public. The execution is both honest and warm, with staff expressing an emphatic ‘NO’ to added hormones and steroids in their chickens.

The TV commercial also asks the question: “Why are chickens bigger?” compared to 30 years ago. The response, “better fed, better bred”, is attributed to improvements in Steggles’ poultry breeding and farming practices supported by a dedicated professional nutritionist who ensures that Steggles chickens are only fed a balanced diet tailored to the chicken’s lifecycle.

Viewers can also expect to see some familiar ‘Steggler’ faces from the previous TV ad campaign which last aired in June this year.

Steggles Managing Director, John Camilleri said: “We’re hoping the TV campaign will further reinforce the message across Australia that there are absolutely no hormones or steroids added to any of our chickens.

“It is important that Australian consumers and our customers are made aware of this.”

The new TV commercial is part of a long-term public education campaign by Steggles to address consumer misconceptions within the chicken industry in Australia.

According to the Australian Chicken Meat Federation, chicken consumption has increased dramatically over the past 20 years, with one out of three people currently eating chicken at least three times a week.