Dairy Australia confident milk supply safe despite locust plague

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 21st September 2010

Milk splashThe Australian dairy industry remains confident that the impending locust plague will not affect the safety and ongoing supply of Australia’s dairy products.

Dairy Australia,  the national services body for the Australian dairy industry, said that Australian dairy products are known for their safety, quality and reliability, attributes which have formed the platform of a long standing reputation for supplying world class dairy products, and that it would work with farmers and government to ensure the safety of Australia’s milk during the crisis.

Dairy Australia Managing Director Ian Halliday said the Australian dairy industry had an excellent track record of producing safe dairy foods.

“Strict food safety systems and requirements are in place along the entire food chain to ensure the safety and integrity of Australian milk and other Australian dairy products,” Halliday said.

“These processes have and will continue to ensure the supply of high quality products, providing customers with confidence in their purchases.”

Halliday said Dairy Australia, together with industry, would also monitor milk supply to ensure it is not affected during the locust plague.

“It is a priority of Dairy Australia’s to protect and promote the unique benefits of Australian dairy to safeguard our markets and uphold the integrity of our product and the reputation of our industry,” he said.

Halliday said Dairy Australia was working with all levels of government and industry to manage the plague locust situation.