Celebrity Chef: “If you want the best, eat organic”

Posted by Josette Dunn on 4th October 2010

Celebrity chef and National Organic Week (NOW) Ambassador, Tobie Puttock, has urged all Australians to switch to an organic lifestyle and “make a difference” as Australia’s largest celebration of organics – NOW 2010 (Friday 1 to Sunday 10 October) – gathers momentum.


Mr Puttock, head chef of Fifteen Melbourne, said he is passionate about eating seasonal organic produce to protect our health and the environment.

“If you want to look after yourselves – but especially the younger generations – feed them organic food; it’s the way nature intended us to eat fresh produce,” he said.

“The beauty of eating organic produce is that you know it’s coming from a reputable supply and somebody who actually cares about what they do. It’s not factory food – you’re eating humanely crafted food.

“I think it’s really important to eat seasonal [organic] produce; not only to reduce our carbon footprint but it’s what is best for our bodies.

Tobie Puttock’s comments come as the Australian organic industry continues to celebrate NOW 2010, a 10 day festival of events, activities and advocacy facilitated by the Centre for Organic & Resource Enterprises (CORE) and Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA).

The focus of the week is communicating the difference that choosing organic makes to the health of our economy, society and environment.

Well known for his work inspiring disadvantaged and marginalised young people through the ‘Fifteen Foundation (Australia)’, Tobie Puttock is passionate about his role as NOW Ambassador.

“I’ve taken on the organic ambassador role because I truly believe in what it stands for and it is really close to my heart,” said Mr Puttock.

According to the 2010 Australian Organic Market Report, six in 10 Australian households now purchase organic on occasion – Mr Puttock said there has never been a better time for consumers to “vote with their dollars” to help make organic food more accessible.

“Although organic produce is a little expensive right now, the more people that start buying it, its cost is going to go down,” he said.

“I would recommend just switching one product a week; if you’re eating bananas every week, start eating organic bananas, the next week eat organic avocadoes, the week after that lettuce and slowly work into it.”

Emphasising that organic produce is “as nature intended”, Mr Puttock insists organics is the best way to make a difference.

“If you can taste the difference, feel the difference and make a difference, you are on the way to living a better lifestyle,” he said.

For a full list of NOW events and activities visit: www.organicweek.net.au. For further information about organics visit: www.whyorganic.com.au.