McCain Sweet Potato SuperFries in high demand

Posted by Josette Dunn on 18th October 2010

McCain Foods Australia has announced that unforeseeable demand for its recently launched Crinkle Cut Sweet Potato SuperFries will result in the product being temporarily out of stock.

Based on anticipated sales, the supply of McCain Crinkle Cut Sweet Potato SuperFries will run out in late October, and will be back on the market by mid December 2010, once the new crop is harvested. McCain was able to secure an additional amount of Thin Cut stock to meet demand and achieve continuity of supply.

Nicki Anderson, McCain Marketing Director Australia New Zealand commented: “Consumers have responded to the irresistible taste of McCain Sweet Potato SuperFries, delivering sales that have smashed all expectations. McCain have been in regular communication with our customers to keep them updated on our progress to achieve continuity of supply for both Thin Cut and Crinkle Cut Sweet Potato SuperFries. Based on the phenomenal and unprecedented results achieved over the last six months, we have increased the volume of the new harvest stock available from December so we can meet future demand.”

To ensure consumers are aware that the Crinkle Cut is only temporarily unavailable, press advertising will be run in capital city newspapers during mid October. A press advertising campaign across the same major titles will also be launched in December to announce their arrival back in supermarket freezer aisles.

McCain Foods launched its innovative Thin Cut and Crinkle Cut Sweet Potato SuperFries in Australia in April 2010, and the products achieved $3.7 million of retail sales in just 20 weeks. In the four weeks to 6 September 2010, McCain Sweet Potato SuperFries achieved a 6.9% market share of total potato products with $1.3 million in sales