Mi Goreng noodles under food safety investigation

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 11th November 2010

Popular instant noodle brand Mi Goreng is being investigated by Food Standards Australia New Zealand, after some of the company’s products were pulled from Taiwanese shelves last month, having being found to contain more than the legal maximum quantity of two preservatives.

FSANZ will test the noodles, manufactured by Indonesian noodle giant IndoMie, for their Methyl-P-Hydroxybenzoate (E218) and benzoic acid content.

The two preservatives were found in illegal quantities in Taiwanese products, sparking a recall. Similar investigations in Singapore were completed, but no recall was issued.

A FSANZ spokesperson told The Age that the noodles have been undergoing tests since the Taiwanese recall.

“The main importer [for Australia, Oriental Merchants] doesn’t use those chemicals,” she said. “Some specialty Asian shops may also bring it in, however both those chemicals are permitted preservatives.”

“It’s not likely to be unsafe… what we’re checking is the levels, to make sure they’re safe,” she said.

Oriental Merchants said they had had their imported product tested to make sure they contained no E218, which is not permitted in Australian noodle products.

“Just to be sure we had ourselves tested and the results have come back as negative…so we can assure them there is no E218 in our batches,” Oriental Merchants marketing manager Jom Pacheco told The Age.