Fosters releases sustainability report

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 30th November 2010

World on a PlateFosters today released its 2010 Sustainability Report, detailing actions by the company regarding environmental and corporate social responsibility made this year. Among the company’s actions for the year were savings on energy and water, responsible drinking programs and carbon offset donations.

“Our Energy & Water Efficiency Program has continued to drive improved performance,” said Fosters CEO Ian Johnstone. “More than 20 energy saving projects are expected to save
around 130,000 GJ of energy and 14,000 tonnes of CO2-e.”

“Leading the way is the Cascade Brewery in Hobart which is set to reduce site emissions by 50% following a significant boiler upgrade, and our wineries in North America which host photovoltaic (solar energy) systems that, when fully commissioned, will generate in the order of 3.4M kilowatt hours of electricity per year.”

“CUB made further progress toward a 10% improvement in energy and water efficiency from the 2007 baseline year. Water effi ciency improved almost 6% whilst energy effi ciency improvement is at 5.5% since 2007.”

“Our Ethical Procurement Code is starting to drive results with sustainability considerations firmly embedded in supplier management. All requests for proposals now include energy, greenhouse gas, water and waste considerations.”

“We continue to make a voluntary donation equivalent to the carbon emissions emitted as a result of all Foster’s airline travel and fleet of vehicles to Greenfleet – an Australian environmental charity that plants native vegetation to sequester carbon emissions.

“Foster’s is committed to environmental improvement and ensuring social and environmental risks and opportunities are effectively identified and managed.”

Fosters said that, in 2011, it will continue to develop its existing sustainability efforst, and develop business-unit-specific sustainability programs and expand its stakeholder engagement program.