Pizza Capers sells 15 million pizzas

Posted by Josette Dunn on 6th December 2010

Gourmet pizza chain Pizza Capers has capped off a year of stunning growth by selling more than 15 million pizzas throughout Australia.

It’s a big achievement for Australia’s fastest-growing gourmet pizza company, which has grown from two stores to more than 90 stores in only six years.

Pizza Capers co-founder Scott Geiszler said he was proud of Pizza Capers’ sales success. “Fifteen million pizzas is a fantastic achievement. We’re another step closer to our goal of being the most successful pizza brand in Australia,” he said.

“We plan to consolidate our growth in 2011 with new stores in New South Wales, Tasmania and Western Australia. South East Asia is also a key target, with plans to open stores in Penang, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta early next year. It’s an exciting time.”

The pizza market in Australia is highly competitive; with so many players such as Crust and Eagle Boys already vying for market share, the success of Pizza Capers is all the more impressive.  So what is it that has convinced consumers to make the switch to Pizza Capers?

Mr Geiszler said the company’s focus on restaurant-quality pizzas had been welcomed by the public who wanted an alternative to greasy take-away.

“People are more interested in their personal health and fitness and Pizza Capers is known for using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients. Pizza Capers stands out in a market saturated by competitors whose only focus is delivering the cheapest pizza.”

Co-owners Anthony Russo and Scott Geiszler opened the first store in Kenmore, Queensland to great success, leading to the opening of another store in Toowong the following year.

With a solid foundation in place, Pizza Capers grew steadily with the opening of two stores in 2002 and three more in 2003. By the end of 2005 there were 10 Pizza Capers stores operating throughout Brisbane. As public demand for Pizza Capers continued to grow, Anthony and Scott decided it was time for the business to become a franchise.

Today, Pizza Capers has more than 95 stores throughout Australia and one in Singapore.