New Australian natural alternative to energy drinks

Posted by Josette Dunn on 10th December 2010

With a staggering 90% of young Australians turning to caffeine or sugar-fuelled energy drinks, snacks and other beverages to help them get through the day, Queensland based ZAG Beverages is set to transform the market with the release of OSKI® Positive Energy Drinks.

A “better for you” natural alternative that contains no caffeine, no artificial stimulants and little to no sugar, OSKI Positive Energy Drinks are made from natural ingredients and include L-Theanine, Siberian Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba and Schizandra that combined, may help maintain and improve mental alertness and concentration, maintain physical performance and overcome fatigue.

Queensland-based Ken Melia, OSKI’s Dad and Co-Founder of ZAG Beverages believes consumers are crying out for a natural alternative: “Aussies are pretty stressed. You only have to pick up the papers every few weeks to hear about the latest study that’s highlighted how stressed we are.

“In fact, 60% of young Queenslanders are reaching for a sugar or caffeine hit three or more times a week. They’ve got to tackle a list a mile long and they can’t afford to be tired and lack focus.

“They also don’t feel good about it. Three in four (76%) of those younger Aussies we spoke to who consume caffeine and/or sugar are concerned about the effects on their health.

“Up until now, the ‘lift’ in the day was achieved through caffeine and sugar. Through OSKI Positive Energy Drinks, we’re giving them a natural choice that will help them make it through the day without feeling worried or guilty about what they’re consuming,” said Mr Melia.

The survey, conducted by Lonergan Research confirmed that whilst 28% of young Australians consume energy drinks each week, young Australians are also reaching for coffee / tea (79%), soft drink (77%) or chocolates and confectionery (85%).

Local businessman Ken Freer, CEO and Co-Founder of ZAG Beverages said the reaction from consumers had been fantastic.  “The response to our sampling trials over the last couple of weekends has been amazing. After tasting the product and finding out more about OSKI’s natural ingredients, people were walking home with cartons of OSKI.

“We’ve spent months getting the ingredients, taste and packaging right to appeal to the many people across South East Queensland who have been looking for an alternative like OSKI,” said Mr Freer.

OSKI Positive Energy Drinks are semi-sparkling and with less than 47 calories per 250mL bottle, are available in two 250ml variants: Mango Orange Passion and Superberry.

With the functional drinks segment one of the fastest growing segments in the soft drinks category in Australia and already representing 10% of the market, ZAG Beverages are looking to make OSKI Positive Energy Drinks available to all Australians and potentially overseas markets in 2011.

“It’s not just Queenslanders who are looking for a more natural alternative. We know from overseas trends and from our research in Australia that people need something to get through the daily slump but the reality is not all energy is good energy” said Mr Freer.

OSKI Positive Energy Drinks are currently available in selected convenience stores throughout South East Queensland at around $3.50 – $4.00.