Instant coffee: a tale of two consumers

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 13th January 2011

Over 7 million Australians – 41% of the population – purchase instant coffee in an average month, and the market is firmly dominated by Nescafe, according to the latest figures from Roy Morgan.

24% of buyers of non-decaf instant coffee purchased Nescafe, followed by 10% for its nearest competitor, Moccona. Budget brand International Roast came third at 4%, followed by supermarket brands and Riva at 2%, and Robert Timms, Bushell’s and Jarrah on 1% each.

According to Roy Morgan, compared to the Australian population (aged 14+), those who purchase non-decaf instant coffee are more likely to be older, female and of lower socio-economic status.

Buyers of the higher-priced Moccona, however, are more likely to be of higher socio-economic status with higher incomes and education levels.

“The two leading instant coffee (not decaf) brands appear to tap into very different markets, Nescafe, with its mass appeal attracts a customer profile reflective of Australian coffee purchasers, whilst Moccona with its higher shelf price and premium image has a more affluent and brand aware customer base,” said Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director at Roy Morgan Research.