Grill’d customers are the most satisfied, Roy Morgan Research

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 25th September 2017

Customers are most satisfied with Grill’d Healthy Burgers when it comes to Australia’s quick service restaurants, a new Roy Morgan Research study has found.

According to Roy Morgan Research, 90.7 per cent of Grill’d customers say they are fairly satisfied or very satisfied with the burger chain.

Grill’d was closely followed behind Guzman Y Gomez Mexican in the satisfaction states with 89.3 per cent of its customers fairly satisfied or very satisfied. Approximately 86 per cent of Crust Pizza customers and 85.8 per cent of Subway customers are either fairly satisfied or very satisfied.

McDonald’s faired the worst with only 66.2 per cent of its customers fairly satisfied or very satisfied.

Satisfaction with 14 largest1 quick service restaurants 

  1. Based on customer numbers 2. Noodle Box from Jan 17 Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia). 12 months to August 2016, n= 7,805; 12 months to August 2017, n= 8,072. Base: Australians 14+ been to a quick service restaurant in the last 4 weeks

Biggest satisfaction rate improvers

Over the last 12 months, the biggest QSR improvers in customer satisfaction were Pizza Hut, increasing its satisfaction rate by 9.6 per cent, Red Rooster which increased by 5.8 per cent, KFC increasing 3.5 per cent and Crust Pizza increasing 2.5 per cent.

Roy Morgan Research Communications Director, Norman Morris, said over the last 4 years there has been strong growth in the number of Australians visiting QSR’s, increasing at a rate of 13 per cent.

“This has increased customer numbers in an average four week period for those over 14 to nearly 12 million and as a result has brought with it very tough competition,” Morris said.


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