KFC Australia removes toys from children’s meals

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 25th August 2011

KFC Australia will no longer provide toys with its childrenʼs meals. The fast food chain says the move will encourage its customers to make “more responsible food choices”.

KFC Australia’s Corporate Affairs Manager, Zac Rich said, “For three years now, KFC has taken a very clear position to not advertise or actively promote our childrenʼs meals but this is the next step in removing so-called pester power at our stores altogether.

“We hope this decision will support parents in making dietary decisions on behalf of their children which arenʼt influenced by pressure to choose the meal that has a toy.”

Stores across the country have been advised that, effective immediately, toy stocks will not be replenished.

KFC is the second largest fast food brand in Australia with more than 600 stores across the country. KFC Australia owns and operates 160 stores with the remainder owned by 53 franchisees.