Queensland Opposition demands better food security strategy

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 16th September 2011

Queensland’s Opposition party, the Liberal National Party (LNP), has demanded that the State of Queensland double its food production by 2040.

LNP Leader Campbell Newman today launched a long term agricultural strategy which positions Queensland as part of the solution to a predicted global world food crisis.

Mr Newman said, “There isn’t a long term plan for agriculture in Queensland and our extensive consultation with the sector found that producers and industry groups want government to set out a long term plan. The LNP believes food security is as much a local priority as it is a global priority and that requires a long term plan and a Government that genuinely values food production.

“The United Nations estimates the world’s food consumption will increase between 70-100 per cent by 2050 and the LNP’s strategy is to double Queensland’s food production by 2040 to help meet the challenge of feeding a growing world.”

The LNP strategy includes facilitating new infrastructure to support agriculture, improving agriculture skills and career pathways, improving research, development and extension and commitment to ensuring bio-security.

“The stand-alone agriculture department will drive and support the growth and sustainability of farms and rural industries. This plan not only protects Strategic Cropping Land, it has an increased production focus so it looks at options for where that extra production can be achieved.”

The LNP strategy is a response to the current Queensland government food plan process, which the Australian food industry law firm FoodLegal has published an article about in the FoodLegal bulletin.