Hungry Jack’s declares it has broccoli on the menu

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 28th September 2011

In an interesting development today, fast food chain Hungry Jack’s announced that it would be offering broccoli alongside its burgers.

Aaron McKie, CEO of Hungry Jack’s said the broccoli would be served as part of a vegetable medley comprising carrot, celery and capsicum sticks, hand-cut and served fresh in a cup supplying a full serve of vegetables. It will be accompanied by an optional hommus dip in a mini tub.

“Salad Stix can only be described as a nutritional goldmine,” Mr McKie said. “It is a healthy snack of necessary nutrients without unwanted kilojoules and creates a whole new product category for fast food. No other industry player has taken healthy alternatives to this level”.

Broccoli has long been identified by nutritionists as one of the healthiest foods to eat. It is high in vitamin C, contains dietary fibre and potent anti-cancer properties.  

A vox populi street survey by Australian Food News today revealed that regular fast food diners did not expect Hungry Jack’s introduction of a “healthy” choice would affect their own choice of meal.

Monash University student Michael Wong said “If I wanted to go to Hungry Jack’s for dinner, I would be after the fast food per se and not because of anything particularly green on the plate”. 

The move by Hungry Jack’s to offer a new vegetable alternative coincides with the news reported by Australian Food News earlier this week that the National Heart Foundation was withdrawing from endorsements of fast food meal choices.

Hungry Jack’s broccoli announcement might be perceived as good timing in the fast food market. Its competitor McDonald’s was one of the best known advocates of the Heart Foundation’s Tick program but is no longer able to avail itself of that endorsement despite still offering  “healthier” meal options.