Permission sought for Malaysian pineapples to be imported to Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 21st October 2011

Biosecurity Australia, the Australian Government body in charge of developing biosecurity policy, has proposed that the importation of fresh de-crowned pineapples to Australia from Malaysia be permitted, subject to a range of quarantine conditions.

Biosecurity Australia has issued a draft report for a consultation lasting 60 days. The draft report identifies four pests that Biosecurity Australia says require quarantine measures in order to achieve Australia’s appropriate level of protection.

According to a statement released by Biosecurity Australia, the draft report proposes a combination of measures and operational systems that will reduce the risk associated with the importation of fresh de-crowned pineapple from Malaysia into Australia.

Specifically, the draft report suggests pre-shipment or on-arrival methyl bromide fumigation or an alternative post harvest treatment as approved by the Department of Agrifulture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) for mealybugs. It also suggests an operational system for the maintenance and verification of the phytosanitary status of pineapple fruit.

Biosecurity Australia is inviting comments and submissions from all stakeholders, including industry. Comments on the draft import IRA report must be submitted by 19 December 2011. More information can be found on the DAFF website.