Coles online shopping hiccup causes beer cut-price stampede

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 15th November 2011

Australian supermarket chain Coles has apologised to customers who thought they had found a bargain yesterday when two beer lines were inadvertently listed with the wrong price on its online shopping website.

24-bottle slabs of Coopers Sparkling Ale, which Coles usually sell for A$53.99 each, and 24-bottle slabs of James Squire Golden Ale, normally listed on the website at A$54.99, were listed with a price of just A$15.99.

Word about the cheap deal quickly spread through the social media platform Twitter. Some Twitter users reported the website crashing because of increased traffic.

Coles refuses to honour beer price

Coles has refused to honour the erroneously listed beer prices. A spokesperson for Coles told Australian Food News, “We corrected the prices as soon as we became aware of the error. This was a genuine and obvious mistake, and we’re alerting customers who have placed an order that we will not be able to supply the lines at these prices.

“We’re offering affected customers a $15 Coles Online credit in recognition of any inconvenience they may have suffered. We are aware of our fair trading obligations and we believe we’ve acted appropriately under the circumstances.”