7-Eleven announces partnership with Krispy Kreme

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 22nd December 2011

7-Eleven Australia has announced it has entered an agreement with Krispy Kreme Australia for the supply of fresh daily Krispy Kreme doughnuts to each of its 600 stores.

Warren Wilmot, 7-Eleven Australia’s CEO, was excited about the benefits of the new arrangement for the company, its Franchisees and its customers.

“This deal is something we’ve worked hard to deliver, because of the potential benefits for our company, and most importantly, our Franchisees. We believe this arrangement has the potential to deliver a huge increase in sales, and significantly increase customer traffic,” Mr Wilmot said.

“Krispy Kreme, like our iconic Slurpee, is a brand that customers actively seek out. This partnership brings together these iconic brands at more than 600 convenient locations in QLD, NSW, VIC and the ACT. We are pleased to be able to use our unique supply chain capabilities to help our customers enjoy Krispy Kreme doughnuts in more convenient locations,” he said.

Mr McGuigan, the Chairman of Krispy Kreme Australia, said, “We are thrilled that our partnership with 7-Eleven, an outstanding Australian retailer, will mean that Krispy Kreme fans will be able to buy our product from 600 additional locations.

“The combination of the Krispy Kreme iconic brand with Australia’s leading convenience chain is an exciting opportunity for both 7-Eleven and Krispy Kreme Australia,” Mr McGuigan said.

Krispy Kreme doughnuts will commence rolling out through the 7-Eleven network on 30 January 2012 on the Gold Coast, and are expected to be available in all stores by 30 March 2012.

The 7-Eleven Stores business operation in Australia is operated by 7-Eleven Pty Ltd, a private company owned by the Withers/Barlow family with a license to operate franchise 7-Eleven stores in Australia from the US based 7-Eleven Inc.

The first  7 -Eleven Australian store was opened in August 1977.  Today 7-Eleven Stores Pty Ltd. operates more than 600 stores mainly along the Australian eastern seaboard, including over 200 recently acquired Mobil/Quix sites that are being progressively converted into 7-Eleven stores.  Worldwide 7-Eleven operates more than 40,000 stores in 16 countries, and is opening approximately six stores per day somewhere in the world.

Krispy Kreme Australia commenced operations in Australia in 2003 under an agreement with the then US-based owners.  Various Krispy Kreme franchises in some countries have experienced a tough economic environment in recent years made more difficult by campaigns directed against energy-rich foods.