Government warns against price rises exploited from recycling scheme

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 13th January 2012

With the Cash for Containers scheme now in place in the Northern Territory as reported last week by Australian Food News. NT’s Consumer Affairs government department has warned companies that unfair price rises could result in fines.

NT Chief Minister Paul Henderson has urged Territorians to report any extreme price rises claimed to be as a result of the Cash for Containers scheme to a dedicated consumer affairs hotline.

Mr Henderson said, “Consumer Affairs have the powers to slap suppliers with substantiation notices to explain why they are saying prices have increased. Retailers issued with the notice will have to provide evidence to justify their advertised price increases.

“The substantiation notice will determine if any unfair price increase has taken place. Consumer Affairs will be vigilant, and there are Territory and Federal laws in place to prevent false and misleading claims.”

He said that any company found to be misleading customers and making false claims can be slapped with a fine of up to $1.1 million for a body corporate and $220,000 for an individual.

“The Commissioner of Consumer Affairs has public naming powers to expose any business in the wrong,” Mr Henderson added. “There will be regular monitoring of businesses by Consumer Affairs – if you rip off Territorians we’ll be after you.”

Forthcoming FoodLegal intensive workshops on eco marketing claims

The Australian food industry’s specialist law firm FoodLegal will be conducting intensive workshops on eco marketing and environment-related claims in food marketing. Issues such as marketing claims that refer to carbon footprints and carbon credits will also be addressed the course of the workshops.

The courses are to be held in Sydney on 13th February 2012 and in Melbourne on Monday 20 February 2012. For more details click here.