Australians spread the word about eating out

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 19th January 2012

According to new survey findings by Roy Morgan Research, where to eat out at restaurants is one of the most discussed word of mouth topics in Australia.

Roy Morgan Research surveyed 18,851 Australians between October 2010 and September 2011. The survey found that, eating out at restaurants and buying a car were the two most popular word of mouth topics amongst respondents.

When it comes to giving or taking advice on eating out, nearly two thirds (61 per cent) of the respondents said they have either played the role of a trusted adviser (those whose advice has been sought by friends or family), an info seeker (those who go to friends/family for advice) or both.

Roy Morgan Research’s John La Rosa said, “Marketers have always understood the importance and value of word of mouth to promote their products. With our research, we can look at how much each topic is being discussed and whose opinions are sought as trusted advisers, and information seekers.

“‘Trusted advisers’, those providing advice to friends and family, are an important conduit to the rest of the population.”