Cancer Council publishes “Fat Free TV Guide”

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 2nd February 2012

The Cancer Council of New South Wales has published online a list of the food advertising that occurs during children’s favorite television programming.

The online list at a specific website ( has been dubbed a “Fat Free TV Guide” by the Cancel Council which recommends the list be used by parents to filter their children’s selections of programs.

Parents are being encouraged by the Cancer Council “to make better viewing choices with television shows that have less junk food advertising”.

The website classifies over 100 popular childrens television shows according to the food advertising they contain. The website provides “top ten lists” of fatty advertising shows, and “top ten lists” of “healthy food advertising shows”.

The Cancer Council website states that 1 in 4 Australian kids are overweight or obese, and claims that the food advertising aimed at children during prime time programming is inappropriate.