Study links fruit and vegetable consumption to physical attractiveness

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 8th March 2012

The findings of a new study by the University of St Andrews, in Scotland, released today, link fruit and vegetable consumption with physical attractiveness.   

The study, which correlated fruit and vegetable consumption with changes in skin redness and yellowness, was published today in the open access journal PLoS ONE.

The researchers, led by Ross Whitehead and David Perrett, investigated and monitored the fruit and vegetable intake for 35 individuals over six weeks. 

Photographs were taken of the participants’ faces, arms and hands at the start, and after three and six weeks. Increasing their intake of fruit and veg was found to enhance their attractiveness, when the photographs were rated by others.

The researchers found that skin redness and yellowness increased with increasing fruit and vegetable consumption.

The researchers said that the participants in the study were primarily but not exclusively Caucasian, so further work must be done to understand potential diet effects on skin colour in other populations.

The research was supported by the Economic and Social Research Council and by the corporation Unilever Research and Development USA.