Animal welfare group launches campaign to ban cage eggs in Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 4th April 2012

A campaign to put an end to battery-hen egg production in Australia begins today, with animal welfare group Animals Australia targeting supermarkets and asking consumers to boycott non free-range eggs.

A series of radio advertisements, funded by Animals Australia and voiced by the singer Missy Higgins, points out that all 27 member countries of the European Union have outlawed practices that are “still the norm” in Australia.

The European Union banned barren battery cages throughout its 27 member countries in January this year.

Barren battery cages typically have sloping wire mesh floors and are stacked in rows several tiers high. Hens in these cages are typically kept in sheds that are artificially lit and ventilated.

Animals Australia’s Campaign Director Lyn White said, “With Australian Governments refusing to follow Europe’s lead, there is still no legislative movement on this issue in Australia.”

Animals Australia is asking its supporters to donate money to fund the advertising campaign.

European Union’s ban on use of barren battery cages

The EU decision to ban the barren battery cage was initially made in 1999, with producers given 12 years to transition to alternative systems. Despite this lengthy phase out period, some battery hen farmers kept their hens in cages, hoping the egg industry would successfully argue for the ban to be delayed.

Due to these farmers’ actions some EU countries were non-compliant when the ban took effect in January this year and they now face prosecution from the European Court of Justice.