WA organic farmer lodges claim against GM farmer in landmark case

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 4th April 2012

An organic farmer is seeking to recover loss and damage allegedly caused by a genetically modified (GM) canola farmer neighbour.

Steve Marsh, an organic farmer from Kojonup, Western Australia, says his crop suffered contamination by GM material on his farm in late 2010, leading to the loss of his organic certification and loss of income.

Australian law firm Slater & Gordon, on behalf of Mr Marsh, today lodged the claim in the WA Supreme Court.

The Safe Food Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that represents the organic industry says that the landmark case could have a major impact on the organic food industry.

Scott Kinnear, director of the Safe Food Foundation said, “If this landmark case fails, then Australia will follow Canada and North America’s dangerous lead, where there is virtually no GM-free canola available and GM residues are commonly contaminating non GM grain crops.

“There will be no turning back the GM tide as contamination sweeps through our food supply.”