Fast food restaurants most popular with middle-aged Australians, survey finds

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 1st May 2012

The highest proportion of Australians to visit fast food restaurants during 2011 were aged between 35 and 49 years old, according to market research company Roy Morgan Research.

The figures come from a survey of 18,641 Australians aged over 14-years-old, undertaken by Roy Morgan Research during 2011.

Over the twelve months to December 2011, the 35-49 year age group accounted for 67 per cent of respondents who said they had visited or purchased from a fast food restaurant in an average four week period.

The survey found that the age group with the lowest proportion of fast food buyers and store visitors were those aged over 65-years-old, with 44 per cent saying they had visited a fast food restaurant.

Commenting on the findings, Roy Morgan Research’s Norman Morris said, “Although the 35-49 year age group has the highest proportion of fast food purchasers or fast food restaurant visitors, this figure is influenced by the fact that 63 per cent of this age group have at least one child under 16-years-old. This is significantly higher than any other age group.

“It is likely that fast food craving young children, combined with busy schedules, are leading to the high fast food figure for 35-49 year olds.”

Survey identifies Australia’s most popular fast food chains

The Roy Morgan survey found McDonald’s to be the most popular fast food of the Australian population, with 31 per cent of respondents reporting visiting or buying from McDonald’s in an average four week period throughout 2011.

Fish & Chips followed (accounting for 23 per cent of respondents), then KFC (21 per cent of repsondents), Asian (20 per cent), Subway (18 per cent), Hungry Jack’s (14 per cent), Domino’s Pizza (9 per cent), Red Rooster (8 per cent), Pizza Hut (5 per cent) and Eagle Boys Pizza (4 per cent).