Private brands favoured in the U.S.

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 4th June 2012

A new study, based on an April 2012 survey, by Perception Research Services (PRS) shows that U.S. shoppers are increasingly selecting retail private brands (i.e. home brands).

Of 600 primary household grocery shoppers aged 18–64, 86% purchased the home brand products on a regular basis. Paper products, cereals, cleaning products, and canned and frozen vegetables are their favourite private brand product categories. Since a 2010 survey, cookies, soft drinks (both carbonated and non-carbonated) and salty snack foods have moved into the top tier of regularly purchased private brand products.

Of the surveyed shoppers, 51% reported feeling savvy when purchasing private brand products. Only 11% claimed to feel self-conscious, and 3% embarrassed, at being seen buying private brand products.

PRS concludes from its April 2012 survey that U.S. shoppers now view private brands as a “normal” choice rather than a solely budget-conscious option.